• Impact of the NHL lockout in Canada

    If you live in Canada you have no doubt heard relentless news and radio reports about the NHL lockout over the past few months. The owners want a bigger piece of the revenue pie and the players aren’t willing to give it up. Without a hockey season there is a large impact on the economy and many businesses are hurt in the ripple effect. Not only do we see the small business hurt by the lockout but major corporations feel the pinch also. This week Molson Coors came out and said they will seek financial compensation from the league to recoup their losses. A quote by CEO of MolsonCoorsfurther correlates the direct connection between the lockout and beer sales “On the financial level, the results were very satisfactory although we were disappointed by the poor consumer demand in a number of our markets, Canada would be one of them

  • Gift Ideas

    Welcome to the first edition of the Liquor Delivery BC blog ! We are excited to be up and running, providing the lower Mainland with alcohol delivery. As a thank you or a holiday gift idea a bottle or case of wine is always a great idea. Sometimes without knowing the recipients taste, it can be difficult to choose the appropriate wine. A sampler case is always an easy way to cover all taste preferences and lets the recipient try new types of wine. If you are looking to send a single bottle try one of our specialty wines, it provides the recipient with a unique and limited wine. Also very popular these days are the high end Vodkas. Traditionally Vodkas were produced in Russia and Poland however many fine Vodkas now come from the United States and other regions of the world. We carry a large selection of premium Vodkas that would make an ideal gift for any Vodka lover. We also carry many brands of beer however we are excited about our specialty and craft beer section offering new beers from around the world. With the Holidays upon us soon now is a great time to try our service, place and order today ! This blog will be updated on a regular basis so please check back in.